About Me

Filmmaker, Editor

Bel Armenteros was born in Madrid in 1984. She graduated in Philosophy at Complutense University in 2008, and finished the Filmaking degree at Cinema School of Madrid (ECAM) in 2010.

Her shortfilm Sin palabras, a shortfilm shooting in 35 mm, has been selected in more than 90 film festivals around the world, and has won a lot of awards included Los angeles latino international film festival or Alucine Toronto in Canada.

She filmed more shortfilms: Disculpa, Hipnosis and the last one, a horror film called Nana. She directed  Colección Espejo documentary too.
She teached Cinema at Creando Cine school and Acción - Escena School too, in Madrid and created hazteunbook.com, an actors reel website.

Now she is working as a camera operator in Central de cine school and teaching cinema classes at Primera Toma Coach school in Madrid.

NANA Awards

NANA Official selection


- Best production desing Malta film festival.
- Best national short Xarrades en Curt.

- Best international actor and shortfilm Unishorts de Nueva Zelanda.

- Best audience short Barcelona Visual Sound.

- Best audiencie short en Curt al pap.

- Best audience short. Cineculpable, Villa real, España.

- Alucine Toronto, honorable mention, Canada.

- Best international short, Cusco, Perú

- Best school short Madridimagen, 2011.

- Best short, award young jury, Côte Bleue, France.

- Best short La red de cortometrajes.

- Best short, honorable mention,  Schlingel, Alemania.

- Best script, Ciutat del Valls, España.

- Best short , FENAVID, Bolivia.

- Award of excellence, best ost, The Indie Fest, USA.

- Best short , honorable mention, Los Angeles latino international film festival.

- Award Ciudad de la luz  Sant Joan D'Alacant.